Data integration for chronic diseases management in outpatient settings (MATRICE Project)

Immagine Integrazione dei contenuti informativi per la gestione sul territorio di pazienti con patologie complesse o con patologie croniche Project objectives
Sharing across regions information on clinical pathways obtained from common data bases. A data integration open software will be designed, developed, tested, validated and applied to some case studies to interpret clinical pathways of patients with chronic diseases.


Italian administrative databases have a common national data model and collect details on publicly-funded  healthcare delivered to the population by any facility. Overall almost 2 billions records are collected. This national unparalleled asset offers opportunity for innovative generation of information.

Source of funding

Ministry of Health

National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas)

Ministry of Health, Tuscany Regional Health Agency (ARS Toscana), National Research Council, 5 Italian Regions, Italian College of General Practitioners, University of Milan, Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam

Role of the Tuscany Regional Health Agency (ARS Toscana)
  • Responsible of the validation study aimed to identify subjects with chronic diseases from Italian administrative databases
  • Responsible for design, development and test the software TheMatrix for flexible data integration of Italian administrative data bases
  • Support in identification of standards of care for chronic diseases, in dissemination activities, in application of the tools to case studies

Scientific contact in ARS Toscana
Rosa Gini

3 years

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